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John Maxwell once wrote: “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” Ever since President Uhuru […]

We don’t need MCAs, give us back the Councilors!


By OPANY OPANY Prior to the 2013 general elections, grassroot politics in Kenya was managed by a clique of leaders who were referred to as councilors. I know that the […]


By MARTIN KURGAT President Uhuru Kenyatta seems to have become an obstacle not only to himself but to his own government that has resulted in disrupting the Jubilee coalition manifesto […]


By Martin Kurgat As the world marks the World Press Freedom Day, Kenya is yet to reach globally accepted standards. World journalists continue to face deaths threats and harassment, arrests […]

Who will ICC sacrifice to save its big face?

The International Criminal Court ( ICC) priority is to make sure it defends its image and integrity as a court of last resort and one that stands for justice for […]

Ruto should work even harder as he strengthens his party for 2017

Deputy president williammruto’s priority is to make former prime minister  Raila Odinga irrelevant come 2017 while President Uhuru’ Kenyatta is also working very hard to remain relevant and electableafter five […]

Jubilee is yet to fulfill promises it made last year

S ome leaders in government are persistently  covering up corruption and they are also  plotting to kill devolution: The Uhuruto government that came to power in a wave of many […]

Government must act in curbing its expenditure

Jubilee Government is never serious on its policies and strategies. It says one thing and then do the opposite not once , not twice but many times.endpara In spite of […]

Kalenjin concept of woman to woman marriage should not in any way be likened to lesbianism

By KIPCHOGE CHOMU and FREDRICK NG’EENO There are different types of families among the Kalenjin people most of them common to other African communities. But one is significant where in some […]

Lessons that Kenya must learn from Crimea

MARTIN KURGAT  Ever since President Vladimir Putin of Russia signed into law the Crimean annexation a week ago, the world may once again witness the start of the beginning if […]

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