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Embattled Sawe claims he is still Majority leader


Members of the County Assembly adjourned the sittings and went for early recess till 10th February 2015 after a section of the leaders including the Majority Leader, his Deputy and Chief Whip and his deputy were ousted.
The Majority Leader position was headed by Nandi Hills Ward Member of the County Assembly Samuel Sawe, his Deputy was Chepterwai Ward MCA Isaac Choge while the Chief Whip position was headed by Chepkumia Ward MCA Wilson Sang and his deputy was Baraton/Chemundu Ward MCA Julius Too.
In the new line-up that has caused jitters within the United Republican Party members, Kobujoi Ward MCA Julius Menjo was given the Majority Leader seat, his Deputy is Kapchorua Ward MCA David Rotich while the Chief Whip position was given to Kosirai Ward MCA Simion Bor and deputised by Nominated MCA Jennifer Maritim.
However, the ousted MCA’s claim that they are the valid leaders of the County Assembly even after the new memebrs of the house has been sworn in. They protested the move to change the house leadership saying that democracy was not respected.
“The changes were not democratic and we appeal to the party to exercise democracy,’’ said the Nandi Hills MCA.
They blamed Nandi county senator Stephen Sang for the wrangles in the assembly saying that he is fuelling the differences among the members. Mr Sawe blamed the URP office for ganging up with Sang to interfere with the affairs of the county.
The former Majority Leader claimed that Senator Sang was bridging difference between the Governor and the Deputy President William Ruto. He said that the Senate Lawmaker triggers political difference to gain political mileage.
‘’The Senator Triggers political difference between the county government and the National government to gain political mileage but the electorate are watching him closely,’’ said Sawe.
He dismissed claims on the social media that the MCA’s squanders the public money where some Members of the County Assembly are on a trip to Zanzibar while others are on a trip to Israel using Sh 28 Million.
‘’The reports in the social media that the MCA’s used 28 Million for the trips are rumours the MCA’s work on the reasonable budget’’, said Sawe.
He gave an example where all the MCA’s made a trip to Uganda together with twelve officials of the house and used 6 Million. Showdown is expected next year when the house resumes.