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Police analyze data from mobile phones, laptops seized in mosques

Kenyan police have started to analyze mobile phones and laptops seized from the two controversial mosques in Mombasa.
The 11 phones and three laptops recovered from Shuhada and Sakina mosques have been handed over to detectives drawn from Crime Intelligence and Cyber Crime units for in depth investigation of terror network in the Country.
Mombasa County Commander Robert Kitur said the aim is to establish any links in the terror networks and find the financiers of the terror cells in the coastal city.
“Our officers drawn from various agencies are conducting investigations, and with hope that individuals behind the recruitment of youth into radical groups will be apprehended,” Kitur said.
Detectives believe the data will assist in establishing individuals behind the funding, and radicalisation of Muslim youth to join Al-Shabaab terror group. The militants were behind Mandera bus massacre where 28 Kenyans were brutal murdered.
Police believe the two mosques are being used to radicalize youths, and have further stated that young people are being routinely recruited into Al-Shabaab.
Police on Nov. 17 raided the two mosques and allegedly recovered eight hand grenades, a pistol with six bullets, and an assortment of other weapons along with CDs and DVDs containing Jihad literature and propaganda. Materials for making bombs, including a black chemical for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices, were also impounded and handed over to the government chemist for analysis.
Police have shut down another three controversial mosques Musa, Swafaa and Minaa along with Shuhada and Sakina, that are reportedly taken over by radical Muslim youth after they ejected Imams and committees.
- Xinhua