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CORD suspends demo

Kalonzo MusyokaCORD Coalition suspended today’s demo to the IEBC offices at the anniversary towers to allow Kenyans to mourn the sudden death of the immediate former first Lady Lucy Kibaki and her subsequent burial.


CORD co-principal Hon Kalonzo Musyoka has announced that it was the leaderships considered opinion that the Tuesday peaceful Demos to the IEBC should be suspended for Kenyans to mourn.


“On Tuesday, we will not be going to the IEBC as earlier planned to allow Kenyans to mourn former first Lady Lucy Kibaki but the struggle resumed on 9th” said Kalonzo


The Wiper Leader made the announcement on Friday in Voo, Kitui East constituency during a fundraiser for the purchase of Voo Secondary School Bus.


Kalonzo at the same time condemned the teargasing of the CORD leaders at the gates of the anniversary towers earlier in the week saying that it was the highest display of intolerance by the Jubilee regime.


He assured that they would not relent in their resolve to push for the electoral reforms in the country.


Kalonzo said the actions by the jubilee regime have sent a very negative image across the globe of a regime, which is not ready to listen to a dissenting opinion.


“The peaceful walk to the IEBC was aired by all major international media, the subsequent teargasing has painted a picture of a regime which is intolerant to the dissenting voices in the country, this is shameful” said Kalonzo.


Kalonzo while responding to President Uhuru Kenyatta over his remarks that he cannot send home the IEBC commissioners, the Wiper Leader agreed saying that the President does not have the powers to do so but pronounced that the Coalition has not asking for the President’s intervention.


“President Uhuru has no powers to remove the IEBC commissioners and again we have not asked for his assistance, what we are demanding is for the commissioners to resign on their own volition” said Kalonzo


He said the constitution is very clear that the President does not have authority to act on the commissioners and so he advised the President not to drag himself into the debate.


On the same breath, Kalonzo has criticized the inspector General of Police for summoning his protection detail caught in camera shielding him from police baton during the Demos at the IEBC officers which was dispersed by the police.


Kalonzo said if the officer is victimized for doing his duty, which was to protect him (Kalonzo) from any harm, then they should as well withdraw the rest.


“Is it wrong for an officer attached to me as the Vice president to perform his duty flawlessly and protect me from the harm way? “ Kalonzo paused.


The inspector General has since summoned the officer for questioning.


Kitui Governor Julius Malombe said the Kamba community is fully behind the Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka adding that the community in the next elections will punish those being enticed with money.


He said the solid political ground that Kalonzo has natured over the years is so strong that it cannot be shaken by statehouse visits


The function was also attended by Kiwezi East legislator Hon. Jessicah Mbalu, Area MP Marcus Muluvi and a host of MCAs from Kitui, Machakos and Makueni Counties