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Athletics Coach blames western laws and education for problems facing African states

Problems facing Kenya and other African countries are caused by flawed education and legal system which favor Western countries and give them opportunities to exploit Africans.
An athletics coach in Kuresoi, Mr. Daniel Gichohi Kibaru said that several star athletes including Japan-based Bedan Karoki, Faith Chepng’etich and Beatrice Mutai amongst other big names moved out of the country because of these problems. He added that changes to Kenya legal and education system was needed in order to solve problems facing the African society.
“Even before the start of colonialism there were good laws that existed but people from the West changed those laws for their benefit as they prepared for the scramble and division of Africa states,” Mr. Kibaru said.
He added, “The existing laws as stipulated in the laws given to Biblical Moses By God recognized all people of all races and color as equal and when the laws were changed it was perceived that Europeans and other people with light skin were superior to people with dark skin.”
He said that the United States 1791 Bill of Rights stipulated that an American could not be arrested or convicted by a foreign country but they did not consider such rights for Africans.
“We cannot beat them at the ICC because we use their legal system which does not favor us,” he said adding that only right amendments to the international law can bring justice to all.
He further stated that Western powers that colonized Africa should be compelled to compensate Africa because their development and immense wealth was created with resources and people forcibly taken from the continent to work in their industries.

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